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Why You Should Keep Your Gas Tank Full


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Feb 16, 2024
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Why You Should Keep Your Gas Tank Full

When you were a teenager and just learning how to drive, more than likely, your dad or grandfather gave you a lecture on keeping your gas tank full. It turns out they were right, but did they tell you what could happen to your vehicle if you failed to do so? Let’s talk about why you should keep your gas tank full.

Why You Should Keep Your Gas Tank Full

Why You Should Keep Your Gas Tank Full​

Many years have probably flown by since then, so ask yourself how well you follow their advice today. Chances are, you may have neglected their lecture time and need a reminder of why it’s essential to avoid driving while your vehicle is nearly empty.

You shouldn’t always allow your car to run on fumes for several reasons. Here’s more on why you should keep your gas tank full.

Empty Space Is Hard on Your Fuel Tank​

If I were to ask you to go out and start your car, would your gas tank be more than half full, or are you notorious for always allowing the orange needle to rest on the letter E? You may not overthink it, but driving with a near-empty gas tank may be causing more damage and harm to your vehicle than you may know.

Why You Should Keep Your Gas Tank Full

You may think that space in a gas tank is just space, but it’s not. That space is filled with air, which contains water vapor and can become condensation on the walls of your fuel tank. Condensation is terrible news on gas tanks for several reasons.

It can cause rust and corrosion on vehicles with metal fuel tanks and allow water to mix with the gasoline, keeping your vehicle from running properly. In case you missed this post, How To Make Your Emergency Car Kit

An Empty Tank Causes Costly Mechanical Issues​

If you’re a habitual offender of constantly driving with your gas tank empty, you’re creating several other mechanical issues besides just with your gas tank. When there’s not enough gas in your vehicle, your fuel pump is likely sucking in air, allowing it to overheat and causing wear to the pump. This can be very costly for parts and labor if it were to go out. 5-Gallon Gas Tank

Why You Should Keep Your Gas Tank Full

Your vehicle’s fuel filter is another component that may become clogged and not work properly when there’s not enough fuel. Sensitive and gunk are at the bottom of your gas tank, and they’re more likely to find their way into your fuel injector because the filter can’t handle it all.

This is more common in older vehicles with metal tanks than in plastic ones, which are more common today.

Besides all of these issues, running out of gas can also damage your engine in several ways. Having to replace an engine is far more costly than keeping a few extra bucks of gas in the tank. Just keeping your gas tank near full will help you save money on expensive repairs later on down the road.

This is Especially Important During the Winter​

Keeping your gas tank at least half full during winter is crucial when temperatures dip around or below freezing. This is especially true for older vehicles that may not have sealed fuel injection systems, and the cold can cause the fuel lines to freeze.

Why You Should Keep Your Gas Tank Full

This may prevent your vehicle from starting or possibly causing it to stall. Even if you own a newer car, it’s a good idea to keep your gas tank at least half full, just in case.

Better Gas Mileage​

You may have always been under the impression that the less fuel in your gas tank means less weight and, thus, better gas mileage, but that’s not necessarily the case. Your vehicle’s fuel efficiency may be even worse because of the air caught in your fuel tank, which can evaporate your fuel quickly. The weight of the gas in your fuel tank will have very little to do with your vehicle’s fuel economy.

A Full Tank Keeps You On Time​

Have you ever been stranded in the middle of nowhere because you ran out of gas? Or do you sometimes find yourself in a frenzy in the morning while trying to make it to work on time, only to discover you have no choice other than stopping at the gas pump for a quick $5 worth of gas? (I’d be lying if I said this has never been me.) These scenarios can cause you to be late and could easily be avoided.

Instead of always waiting to fill your gas tank when it’s crunch time, make it a habit of filling up on the gas the night before when heading home from work. Even if you’re still at around half full, make a pitstop if you notice a low price. Not only does this keep the boss happy, but your car and pocketbook will appreciate it, too.

Do It For Your Safety​

Another reason to keep your gas tank full is to maintain safety while on the road. If you’re driving on the highway at a higher speed and your car shuts off, so will your power steering and brakes, which could be very dangerous or even deadly. There is also the issue of pulling to the side of the road, possibly in heavy traffic, hiking to the local gas station, and dodging other drivers while walking on the roadside.

There’s also the unfortunate possibility of being stranded in very hot or cold conditions without heat or air conditioning, which could also be dangerous. Don’t allow the needle to flirt with the letter E for your safety.

Final Word​

Instead of allowing your vehicle to suffer extra and unnecessary wear and tear or the possibility of getting stranded along the highway, always keep your fuel tank filled with plenty of gas. It’s best not to allow your gas gauge to go below the 1/4 mark and no less than the 1/2 mark during the winter. You’ll be doing both your wallet and your vehicle a favor. I prefer 3/4 to full these days in my gas tank.

We have all learned a lot about being prepared in many different situations, so being prepared is a way of life for us. We must keep prepping, and we can get through anything because we are survivors. May God bless this world, Linda

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